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For over three decades, SureFire has focused on designing and manufacturing products dependable, reliable, and durable enough to help those who go in harm’s way to get the job done and get home safely. When we first started out, that meant primarily the brave men and women in law enforcement and the military. But as word of legendary SureFire performance and quality spread, it has come to mean anyone who puts their trust in the SureFire brand. Hardcore enthusiasts who brave the elements and push their limits in the great outdoors, families who are struggling through power outages during recent storms, and even fixer-uppers, whether they be home enthusiasts or car buffs, value our illumination solutions because they perform when it matters most.

Everything that went into one of our early military and law enforcement products goes into our products designed for everyday use as well. Cutting-edge technology, advanced engineering, world-class innovation, the finest materials and components, and precision manufacturing. We offer a variety of beams and outputs for the task at hand, because there are just as many applications as there are ecosystems and environments. We use a variety of power sources because when the pavement turns to sand, it’s good to have options. Sophisticated electronics are protected from the elements, while exterior packages and bodies are constructed of hard-anodized aerospace aluminum or corrosion-proof polymers that are lightweight, rugged, and can take pretty much anything Mother Nature or anyone else can dish out. Whether it’s handheld, hands-free, or body worn, if it’s a SureFire product, count on it to be head and shoulders above all the rest.

Technologies may change, and trends may come and go, but our commitment to innovation, quality, and being your number one choice when lives may literally be on the line will never, ever waiver. Prepare for the worst by going with the best. When you need quality you can rely on, go with SureFire.

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