Lucky Pup Avoids Catastrophic Birthday

dog on deck

It was about 2:00 a.m. when our lab mama, Piper, seemed done with whelping her seven beautiful new pups—five males and two females. I palpated her tummy and felt one more pup left and told my wife to keep an eye on her while I went to get batteries for my camera. But, as soon as I left, Piper jumped up and went to the door. My wife let her out to go do her business…without escorting her. Big mistake.
When I returned to find our girl just coming back into the house, I palpated her again and realized she'd dropped the last pup outside somewhere. It was windy and cold, and I had very little time to find our missing pup, so I grabbed my trusty SureFire Defender® and ran out to the side yard. It was dark, and the abundance of tall shrubs and plants made for a search-and-rescue nightmare situation. I'd brought Piper with me, hoping she would take me to the pup, but she was freaked out and wanted only to attend to the other pups inside, so I was on my own…and more than a little panicky.

The Defender cut through the gloom, and I caught a flash of eyes through the fence—it was a coyote staring at me and no doubt looking for the same pup I was! I bee-lined straight to where the coyote was, thinking his nose knew better than I did where this pup was. The bright light revealed what looked to be a drop of blood and, Bingo, tucked away under a huge clump of daylilies was my missing pup. He was alive but fading fast. I got him inside stat, and we warmed him with a heated blanket. Then his mama took over, and he was nursing within a few minutes. Phew!

We kept that last little male, the runt of the litter, and Puck is sitting at my feet as I write this testimonial to the best flashlights on the planet. Oh, and he ended up being the biggest and smartest of the whole litter after his very dramatic start in life. Thanks, SureFire.
Randall B.
Vista, CA

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