WristLight Saves Day in ER

Wristlight saves the day in the ER

While working in the ER, I was asked to start an IV by the ER doctor after several failed attempts by others. The patient was a 13-month-old in respiratory distress and needed a line to deliver lifesaving medication. I took off my SureFire 2211® WristLight and asked for the overhead lights to be turned off. There were a few puzzled looks, but the lights were turned off. I then placed my 2211 in the child's hand and turned it on. The 200 lumens lit up every vein in his tiny hand, enabling me to establish a 22g IV in one attempt.
The child is here today, thanks to the help of your product. It works well for establishing female urinary catheters, too, but I will spare you the details! Thanks, SureFire.
Nathan W.
Mountain Grove, MO

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