SureFire Leads Campers to Higher Ground During Flood

SureFire leads campers to higher ground during flood

My husband is a police officer in a small town, and he got himself a SureFire flashlight for his duty belt. Well, he was so impressed with it that he bought a small handheld SureFire for me to keep in my car and take on camping trips. Recently, my six-year-old son and I joined some friends on the Clinch River for a weekend camping trip. We set up camp on a small strip of land next to the river and enjoyed a day full of fishing. As we prepared to lie down for the night, it started raining, so we all took shelter in our tents and waited for it to stop...but it never did.
Around 3:00 a.m. I started getting worried with our location and the rising river. I departed my tent with my SureFire flashlight and grew even more concerned when I lit up the river to see it was only a few feet from our tent. The river had risen dramatically since we set up shelter, and the little path we drove our trucks down was now completely flooded. I got everyone out of their tents and shared my concern for our safety, especially the children. I remembered seeing a little farm up the road, and we needed help fast, so with SureFire in hand we quickly gathered our belongings and got the children and adults to high ground, then headed down the flooded road toward the farm. Thankfully, the farmer was willing to come out in the horrible weather with his tractor and pull our trucks out of what I now call the pit.
Thank goodness for the SureFire light my husband bought me. It enabled us to escape a property- and possibly life-threatening event that night. Thank you, SureFire, for your strong, bright, and enduring product. Everyone was duly impressed with its ability to give us the vision we needed to evade Mother Nature!
Melissa C.
Gray, TN

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