Extreme Cold Doesn't Faze Backup

cold wide

I work on a drilling rig in Northern Canada, and I experience some pretty harsh weather sometimes. I started off my last rotation at work with a rig move in -40° C weather. At that temperature pretty much everything freezes and starts acting up. My watch and cell phone were the first items to freeze up and stop working. The next item to fall victim to the cold was my folding knife, which froze shut and proved extremely difficult to open. But, when it came time for my SureFire E1B Backup® to perform, I was pleasantly surprised. After I cleared the frost from the lens and pressed the tailcap, the light came right on, which made me very happy. I used my E1B a fair amount that day, and, even in the extreme cold, every time I needed light, it fired right up. I've tried many different pieces of gear at work, and nearly everything fails in these extreme conditions but not SureFire. Thanks for making such a great light, one that can stand up to extreme, real-world conditions.
Cody H.
Ladysmith, BC

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